We deal with all sorts of car electrical repairs from a simple wiring problem to a complete rewire!

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Does Your Vehicle Have An Electrical Problem?

Mobile Auto Electrician Darwin

You don’t have to worry about auto electrical repairs any longer, contact Mobile Auto Electrician Darwin today to find out how your local auto electricians can help you with your needs. Our partners provide auto electrician services, supply and install starter motors, alternators, batteries, spotlights, work lights, electronic brake controllers, Anderson plugs, trailer plugs, reverse cameras GPS units, and wiring for dual batteries, solar panels as well. Their electricians are skilled in performing all kinds of auto electrical works. Whatever you are looking for, auto electrician Darwin can give you a service that is reliable and safe. Only a specialist that is fully qualified in the up keep and repair of electrical components can correctly identify and repair any problems that arise. Our partnered auto electricians carry a wide range of auto electrical supplies and know all there is to know about automotive electrical services.

Our partnered team of auto electricians take pride in their work and will choose a full and thorough diagnosis and repair over a rushed job every time. When looking for an auto electrician it is important to check that they have consistent and great feedback from customers so you can be sure that you get just the right mobile sparky service for you. Leave all the dirty and technical stuff to your local professional auto electrician in Darwin, they will get your car back on the road in no time and keep your car’s electrics in a great state for many years to come. We pride ourselves in linking you with professional, efficient and friendly Darwin auto electricians you can trust.


Our partnered team of battery installation specialists have extensive training in working with a wide variety of battery types and vehicles.

Vehicles have become more complicated and technical with more electrical parts than ever before, but we’ve kept pace with the developments in car electrical repair.

If your car develops any of the symptoms of a faulty starter, our fully qualified partnered techs can come and diagnose your problems and have your car back on the road.

Don’t get caught out with faulty climate control: come to Auto electrician Darwin for a professional auto air conditioning service, done by the experts.

Looking for a professional auto electrician to fix your vehicle ?

Get in touch with our electricians in Darwin. Our partners offer a wide range of first-class services to our valued customers and business owners, from installation to inspection and testing. If you suspect any wiring faults its recommended you call it to us immediately to connect you to professionals who will do a proper inspection for you.


Each vehicle has a long and complex system of wires that connect all the electrical components together and ultimately to the cars main computer or control module. Very minor complications can cause a ripple effect of electrical malfunctions, this can range from a small in easy to fix electrical short within the wiring harness to an extremely difficult to find electrical short requiring many hours of diagnosis and disassembly. Sometimes the safety systems in place can fail such as the fuses or circuit breakers and cause large wiring burn outs where the wires take on far too much current and begin to get extremely hot, resulting in melting the plastic around the wire. If you suspect any wiring faults its recommended you call it to us immediately to come out and do a proper inspection. 

Mechanics who are experienced and equipped to diagnose any problem fast

Our partners do amazing work and all at low and affordable prices, we know you will be glad you chose us.

When you need expert fault finding, diagnostics and repairs, call our Mobile Auto Electrical Services Darwin. We'll come to you. 

Our partners offer a fully equipped workshop, using the latest technology to diagnose your problem,


Our partnered electricians don’t just change your car batteries or jump start your car, we can do a range of service-related items such as, re-wiring your vehicle, full electrical analysis, stereo installation, installing gauges or switches, setting up fridges and dual battery systems, wire in your trailer plug, diagnostic testing, and the list goes on! Getting into the car on the way to work and turning the key only to hear some clicking and no engine starting is a terrible experience! This is where our trusty auto electrician partners help you!